Thirst no more

John 4 speaks about a woman with less than stellar reputation. She’s referred to as, “The woman at the well.”

I gather she was fed up with her life and the men she was fooling around with.  And I’m sure she had tried everything to find happiness.

But unbenounoced to her, she would go from outcast to daughter in just a few minutes

One day, she approached the usual well to draw water, and encountered a man who asked her for water (v.7).

He was different, but she had no idea she would go from outcast to daughter in just a few minutes.

She didn’t know anything about him, but Jesus knew All about her.

In fact, He gave her a brief synopsis about her life, and He knew she thirst for something more than water.

He engaged her in conversation and offered her exactly what she needed, “water” that would quench her thirst forever.

Have you ever thirst specifically for water and someone offered something else?

You may have consumed it, but you weren’t satisfied.

You don't have to thirst forever


Like “the woman at the well,” we indulge and substitute Jesus for “things” that can’t satisfy.


When you fill your life with the wrong things, your soul will always thirst.

But you don’t have to thirst forever.

Your heavenly Father invites you  to the “well,” to fill you up with everlasting satisfaction.

Jesus said,
“but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst” (v.14).




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